Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to prevent the chronic nephritis

How should the prevention of chronic glomerulonephritis? Chronic glomerulonephritis is a relatively common form of kidney disease in the ordinary life, chronic glomerulonephritis condition if not treated in time, the progress of the disease will develop severe kidney failure and even uremic disease, so people want to know what to chronic glomerulonephritis should be how to prevent?
The following experts to tell you to explain how to prevent chronic glomerulonephritis, and to help further understanding of the disease.
1, the prevention of chronic glomerulonephritis, first of all to be positive prevention and treatment of acute nephritis, to avoid inadequate treatment, which is the main measures to prevent chronic nephritis acute conversion from.
2, reduce the thick greasy help wet injured spleen food intake, do regular diet, Paul acquired in order to raise a priori. Salt into the kidney, excessive eating salty foods can damage the kidneys, especially in times of acute nephritis, the appropriate limit salt intake.
Especially in patients with edema symptoms, you should limit the intake of salt, specific dosage limits should be based on the patient's specific condition, according to the patient's edema, blood pressure change as the basis. The daily food but also pay attention to balanced nutrition diversification, in order to enhance the body's resistance to disease.
3, usually pay attention to prevent tired, to avoid the application of damage righteousness drugs and traditional Chinese medicines and kidney damage, especially to avoid the infringement of the wind, cold, wet, hot, poisonous evil. Timely treatment of exogenous disease and eliminate the infection of the mouth, hands, ears, throat, etc., chronic glomerulonephritis and disease prevention is important.
Chronic glomerulonephritis to prevent upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis, acute and chronic pharyngitis. For patients not infected with decreased immune function, commonly used Yupingfeng oral liquid, or Huang oral liquid. Infected patients should be treated in time, Western medicine commonly used penicillin, Chinese medicines Yinqiaosan, Banlangen granules, silver yellow oral solution.
Patients with high blood pressure, such as urine appear red blood cells may make use of Qi Ju Di Huang Wan or the Liver Yishenhuoxue and network of Chinese medicine. In patients with hypertension, should actively control blood pressure, renal hypertension is often heavy in winter, summer light, attention should be to adjust the dose.
5, to avoid damage to the kidney drugs, such as gentamicin, kanamycin, polymyxin and neomycin. Medicine such as Akebia, large doses of renal toxicity should be noted.

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