Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nephritis eye bleeding

Nephritis, bleeding eyes is how is it? Nephritis eye bleeding why would it? Nephritis is a chronic disease, nephritis if the long-term not been brought under control, it will generate a lot of complications.
Patients consulting the nephritis eye bleeding is going on
[Condition] describe an expert Hello, I ask nephritis eye bleeding left eye lateral canthus, has chronic nephritis years, antihypertensive drugs, eating, high blood pressure, eating a new control of the screw top, not I, is family members, just checked, no, original eat traditional Chinese medicine, began to eat Niaoduqing, two years, indicators of high, creatinine 230, urea nitrogen, blood pressure control can, in recent years normal, that is just his eyes bleeding phenomenon.
Experts answer] Hello "nephritis eye bleeding is going on" experts have received the following experts nephritis-related issues to you a detailed answer and targeted guidance, patients can be help.
Nephritis eye bleeding? Patient's friends, you now consider the fundus lesions appear, let the drugs control indicators, lower creatinine index, we now need systems treatment, advise patients directly click on the online consultation, and expert exchange, experts give you a detailed answer and targeted guidance.
Nephritis, bleeding eyes how is it? We at the same time in the treatment of nephritis, must not be neglected care of the disease, to do the nephritis care is very important, on the nephritis of care primarily need to pay attention to the following questions:
Nephritis, bleeding eyes is how is it - the spirit of optimism
Nephritis patients must maintain a positive and optimistic mood, not in a pessimistic state, to eliminate the terror of the disease. Nephritis patients in addition to the usually increasing physical activity for patients with kidney yin deficiency friends can serve a number of drugs, lack of Wei, Qi, can be served Yupingfengsan kidney Peiyuan solid security table, prevent evils invaded table induced nephropathy, but to be taken under the guidance of a doctor.
Nephritis eye bleeding is going on - work and rest
For living patients with chronic nephritis must have a law of the law, but also to ensure adequate sleep, refused to eat too much, overwork, these will reduce the external resistance to the evil of the human body, increasing the chance of patients.
Patients with chronic nephritis in everyday life, be sure to pay attention to rest, had a time schedule in order to maintain the body balance of yin and yang and blood Regulating.
3, the the nephritis eye bleeding how is it - pay attention to health
For patients with chronic nephritis, it is necessary to keep the lower body clean, this can prevent patients with urinary tract infection; patency stool, which is conducive to the exclusion of metabolic waste.
Nephritis eye bleeding is how is it? Patients with a friend, you nephritis related issues you clearly do? Nephritis-related issues, ambiguities, you also do not worry, in order to condition the sake of, the expert advise patients directly click on the online consultation, and expert exchange.

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