Thursday, August 2, 2012

Treatment Principles for hydronephrosis

Medicine, urine discharged from the urinary system obstruction, caused by intrapelvic pressure, renal pelvis expansion, renal atrophy, called hydronephrosis. Hydronephrosis is the most prominent manifestation of obstructive nephropathy, is a symptom of disease, stones from the urinary tract, inflammation, cicatricial stenosis, tumors and other renal causes can also be caused by disease of body sections, so the reason is extremely complex. Conservative treatment, can be used in Western medicine combined with dialectical therapy, the treatment principles are as follows:

(1) removal of the cause must first find out the cause of the water, the general removal of the cause, the water can be eliminated.

(2) Integrative treatment of hydronephrosis caused by systemic disease and nephritis, mostly mild to moderate hydrocephalus, and often bilateral, can be used in Western medicine and TCM differentiation. Spleen and kidney yang hydronephrosis available Zhen Wu Tang or Gui decoction treatment; silt water cross-resistance hydronephrosis available Tonga dextran, compound Salvia intravenous infusion therapy; liver and kidney type of renal immediately after the injection of water can be used Qijudihuang soup plus or minus diuretic Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment; the Shilin Longbitong hydronephrosis, can be used traditional Chinese medicine Tonglin row of the mixture of stone "treatment at the same time intravenous infusion of balanced salt solution 1500 ~~ 2000ml furosemide 20 to 40mg, 5 to 7 days for a course of treatment, 3 weeks hydronephrosis cancellation rate was 93.4%.

(3) Surgical treatment of giant hydronephrosis, may be provided through the gastrostomy, further angioplasty treatment. Mechanical obstruction, hydronephrosis, should prompt surgical or interventional therapy treatment.


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