Sunday, July 29, 2012

CanLupus nephritis be cured?

Lupus nephritis can be cured? Lupus nephritis is the renal inherent cell damage caused by lupus cells into the human body, may also be the performance of systemic lupus erythematosus. The traditional approach to the treatment of lupus nephritis is the hormone and immune agents, which to some extent, can temporarily relieve symptoms, can not repair damaged kidney tissue and kidney function, a temporary solution.
Lupus nephritis can be cured? This problem can not be generalized, as long as the patients with the treatment of experts and doctors, can generally be clinical cure, a fraction of patients will be living wills, life with the treatment causing very serious consequences will result in lupus nephritis uremia virtually increase the difficulty of treatment.
To cure for lupus nephritis, the need to combine Chinese and Western medicine, western medicine governance disease, supplement the shortcomings of traditional Chinese medicine effective slow, reducing kidney tissue damage caused by the slow Chinese medicines. After the micro-based medicine to reach lesions, inflammatory factor inactivation, has been the formation of extracellular matrix degradation, repair kidney damage cells and other effects to block the process of renal fibrosis. Chinese medicine active material expansion at all levels of systemic blood vessels, by increasing the effective systemic perfusion, the damaged cells of the blood supply, oxygen, fundamentally alleviate renal ischemia, hypoxia, cells continue to damage to reduce kidney function.
Lupus nephritis in addition to aggressive treatment will affect the cure, the usual personal care is also very important. Patients maintain a good attitude, we must establish the confidence to overcome the disease, positive and optimistic attitude, and the recovery of the disease, I believe that miracles occur in every patient, but also firmly believe that our medical level, there will always overcome lupus nephritis will not be repeated.
3, the principle of the diet of patients with lupus nephritis? 20% of patients with lupus nephritis in 10 years, developed into uremia, because of the high recurrence rate of lupus nephritis, and regular treatment is a very close relationship with patients adhere to a reasonable diet is also inseparable from the , lupus nephritis eat what treatment?

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