Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lupus nephritis patients need to pay attention to diet

"Patients with lupus nephritis how attention to diet?" And other issues of concern are the majority of patients, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital for a brief introduction to "lupus nephritis patients how to pay attention to diet?"
Lupus nephritis patients how to pay attention to diet?
Most patients with lupus nephritis is very concerned about their diet. Indeed, the diet is good or bad treatment of the disease to some extent. So, in patients with lupus nephritis how to pay attention to diet?
Due to the loss of lupus nephritis induced by large amounts of protein, each patient daily average loss of 2 g of right and left, so will cause the Protein content in the blood drop, the daily added some high quality protein to maintain the balance of the body's protein. The so-called quality protein is mainly referring to animal protein, such as fish, meat, chicken, duck, etc. can be decided according to their own economic situation and the usual appropriate to eat, to supplement the amount of protein lost in the kidneys, but can not eat too much, so as to avoid indigestion. You can also eat some fresh vegetables to supplement the body's vitamin, do not "diet".
Most people listening to rumors that suffering from a disease that can not eat can not eat, desperately dieting, resulting in the weakening of the body is not conducive to the body's resistance to disease. Due to renal ischemia, the kidney renin secretion, activation of angiotensin and high blood pressure, due to row sodium functional decline, so that water and sodium retention, and more emphasis on high blood pressure, so to limit daily sodium intake the amount of general daily 3 grams right and left, while to add to the activation of vitamin D to help calcium absorption. Going to wear more clothes, pay attention to the prevention of colds, so as to prevent exacerbations.

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