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Lupus nephritis is systemic lupus erythematosus renal different pathological types of immune damage, accompanied by clinical manifestations of a disease apparently kidney damage. Lupus nephritis can live long? Most patients want to know. Following on to explain that problem.
Lupus nephritis can live long? Experts explain: As long as the medication is correct, the majority of patients with lupus nephritis can disable the hormone and not repeated.
Factors that affect lupus nephritis:
① physical factors
Systemic lupus erythematosus a close relative onset rate of 5% to 12%, monozygotic twin onset rate reached 69% in the relatives of lupus patients with other autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, xerosis, and psoriasisonset rate, onset rate of black and Asian descent in Caucasians, and those who are prompted to lupus affected by genetic factors. Women, multiple patients with low testosterone levels, then the endocrine factors, especially estrogen related to the level of the lupus patients in vivo and the onset of lupus nephritis. Thus, the onset of autoimmune disease based on lupus patients, including relatives of autoimmune disease who should be highly vigilant, once the disease should be thought of autoimmune disease, once the risk of autoimmune disease, active treatment should be to prevent the occurrence of lupus nephritis resulting in renal injury.
② virus infection
In recent years, experimental studies have found that virus infection may be related to the occurrence of systemic lupus erythematosus. Thus, we should actively treat various viral infections. Especially for upper respiratory tract infection as the "disease" must not be taken lightly. "The wind is riddled with long, many seriously ill the beginning of the onset of colds therefore harm the population.
③ a message to drug toxicity
Lupus erythematosus-related drugs are hydralazine, procainamide, isoniazid, methyldopa, chlorine & P do hydrochloride and quinidine, especially between the two is common. Hydrazine, amine, thiol groups may be related to the drugs. Thus lupus genetic basis of lupus erythematosus patients, should be a message to those drugs may lupus erythematosus toxicity.
(4) micro-based traditional Chinese medicine penetration blocking renal fibrosis
Micro-based Chinese medicine (TCM molecules can be reduced to 1,000 times on the basis of the traditional treatment of kidney disease, TCD, the use of micro-processing technology, the active ingredients fully overflow), and biological characteristics of the use of Chinese medicine in the micro-after active substances, Huoxuetongluo, stasis and the new health and a new specificity the treatment of kidney disease, kidney lesions and also the approach to the treatment of lupus nephritis.
1, blood circulation, through network expansion at all levels of artery, improve microcirculation two inactivated healing factor, stability of vascular endothelial cells, prevent continued damage to 3, repair, reconstruction, new health and
I hope the above explanation, the understanding of understanding would be helpful for patients
The above information on lupus nephritis and Treatment. Should pay more attention for the treatment of lupus nephritis. Shijiazhuang Hospital of kidney disease in addition to the original "micro-based medicine penetrate therapy is the treatment of lupus nephritis, but also a comprehensive integration with existing kidney disease treatment, the formation of a set of of with Shijiazhuang nephropathy hospital characteristics lupusthree-dimensional treatment of nephropathy, including renal fibrosis and infiltration therapy of micro-based Chinese medicine as the core block + repair renal + reconstruction of the renal functional units of kidney disease treatment technology. Play a role in the protection and recovery of renal function.
Promote kidney natural cell repair and regeneration, early nephropathy "reparative therapy" the most cutting-edge technology, and make prospects more extensive treatment of lupus nephritis. Lupus nephritis and Treatment "is not yet understand the treatment directly to the online expert advisory Specialized expert telephone will respond to your questions.

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