Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to treat lupus nephritis type 4

Lupus nephritis type should be treated? Common clinical treatment with hormones or immune agents to directly control protein, but patients are very likely to relapse, especially hormone reduction or is discontinued, and patients are very easy to re-infection, this is because of this treatment, symptomatic treatment does not, ignore the root cause of ----- the treatment of kidney epithelial cells to repair, so the 4 treatment of lupus nephritis is also based on the root cause of symptoms after diagnosis of the disease, the treatment with the job!
Conventional treatment of lupus nephritis 4
4 treatment of lupus nephritis, treatment decisions should be based on clinical manifestations, laboratory tests and pathological changes in the program. Is generally believed that clinical symptoms are mild, normal glomerular structure or mild lesions, mild mesangial proliferative available antimalarial treatment of lupus nephritis type 4, which can increase with low-dose hormone oral.
Lupus nephritis, the use of steroid and cytotoxic therapy, but should pay attention to the proteinuria after this type of treatment is difficult to completely overcast, and the progression of the disease mostly benign after, in the course of treatment, to prevent the treatment of excessive risk of drug the risk of side effects. Type 4 lupus nephritis in the clinical symptoms of nephrotic syndrome or rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, or even progressive renal failure have favored steroid and cytotoxic drugs in combination therapy.
The proper treatment of lupus nephritis 4:
Lupus is a connective tissue disease, pathological damage can affect various body systems, especially the more common kidney damage, lupus kidney damage caused by the nature of the injury of renal intrinsic cells, kidney fibrosis, sclerosis, and ultimately lead to impaired kidney function. If only symptomatic treatment, and kidney damage is not repaired, then, even if the symptoms temporarily alleviate the condition is also very vulnerable to repeated, it is recommended Integrative Medicine, Western medicine to control symptoms, Chinese medicine to repair kidney damage.

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