Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to treat lupus nephritis effectively

Dirty fibrosis, only blocking its progress in order to protect the kidney function. The Editor will lupus nephritis following treatment reasonable? "Described in detail.

Lupus nephritis treatment reasonable?

Lupus nephritis in the clinical treatment is more complicated. If you are patients with lupus nephritis, in the course of treatment, please be sure to note the following:

(1) lupus nephritis should be long-term treatment, some patients even require lifelong treatment. The disease has a strong genetic background, so far, although oral medication can be a good remission of disease, but there are certain side effects, micro-based medicine to penetrate therapy drugs for external use, in the same time to improve efficacy, greatly reducing the drug side effects. Patients in the process of application of the drug do not listen to Youyi unauthorized withdrawal, so that will be detrimental to the treatment of the disease, making it prone to repeated.

(2) installments according to the degree of disease activity in treatment. Lupus in the activities of very serious kidney inflammation usually require large doses of several drugs in combination therapy (such as hormones, Xiao interest, called the induction period of treatment), is designed to quickly control the inflammation, to prevent kidney damage continues to increase. When converted to small doses of drugs in the control of the activity maintenance therapy to prevent recurrence and to protect kidney function (maintenance therapy). Long-term use of large doses of medication will inevitably bring about complications, but without maintenance therapy, repeated activities can be caused by lupus, kidney damage has been increasing, and finally may be developed for renal failure. Therefore, during treatment, according to the lupus activity, timely adjustment of the treatment. Have a long-term planning, should his condition improved random drug withdrawal, or blind to long-term medication.

(3) treatment options vary. Individual severity of patients with lupus nephritis different, there are many types of different patients, different types of different treatment options should be taken. Clinical widespread use of large doses of the hormone in combination with cyclophosphamide intravenous treatment is not suitable for all patients with lupus nephritis. Should be based on clinical disease and renal biopsy under the guidance of a doctor choose to use anti-lupus drug. Long-term maintenance therapy, the combination of Chinese and Western therapy is not only effective, less side effects, patients can also live and work.

(4) pay attention to prevent complications. This point is often overlooked. Lupus nephritis patients in the treatment process is prone to various complications such as infections, cardiovascular complications, femoral head necrosis, severe cases can be life threatening. Key to reducing complications, the key lies in the rational use of anti-lupus drug, regular follow-up to early detection and treatment. The use of large doses of medication, should be relatively isolated, not in public places, and attention to climate change. Fever and other symptoms of infection and timely treatment.

(5) to prevent the recurrence of lupus. Any infection, sunlight, chemicals, contact or pregnancy can induce lupus activity. Female patients should avoid pregnancy, the disease is uncontrolled. Such as pregnancy must also must be under the guidance of a doctor.

(6) stressed the idea of ​​the overall treatment. Because lupus is a systemic disease, so in control lupus nephritis at the same time, you should pay attention to protection of renal function and other vital organs such as heart, lung or brain treatment and protection.

In summary, patients with lupus nephritis must not listen to Youyi and credulous recipe, accept unprofessional, unscientific, non-standard method of treatment. Should choose a formal specialist hospitals, according to the characteristics of their own condition by a doctor to develop a long-term treatment and recovery plan, and regularly checked. So as to effectively control the disease, the greatest extent possible to block the progression of the disease and reduce drug complications and to achieve the best therapeutic effect, in order to maintain a better quality of life and ability to work.

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